Classic 18

GF corn chips, melted cheese, your choice of protein, black beans, fresh salsa, onion, coriander, tomato & jalapenos topped with sour cream and fresh guacamole​

Traditional Burrito 13

Your choice of protein, black beans, Mexican rice, fresh salsa, cheese, coriander & lettuce wrapped in a soft tortilla


​Mojado Burrito 15

Your choice of protein, black beans, Mexican rice, coriander wrapped in a soft tortilla with Mexican cheese melted over, topped with fresh salsa

​Chimichanga 15

Your choice of protein, black beans, Mexican rice, fresh salsa, cheese, coriander & lettuce wrapped in a soft tortilla which is then deep fried until golden, crispy and cheese has melted inside! ​​​

Trio of Tacos 23

(Pick 3)

  • Hombro de Puerco (Pork): slow cooked pulled pork shoulder with smoky paprika, jalapeno, fresh slaw and chipotle

  • Carne de Vaca (Beef Brisket): slow cooked pineapple infused pulled beef brisket with chipotle, black beans and jalapeno salsa

  • Tinga de Pollo (Shredded Chicken): slow cooked pulled chicken thigh with butter and fresh herbs, guacamole, lettuce and Veracruz sauce

  • Pollo Frito (Fried Chicken): fried chicken tender with guacamole, lettuce and chipotle sauce

  • Pescado (Fish): beer battered flathead with charred corn salsa, pickled carrot and lime aioli

  • Jardin Cutilvado (Vego): grilled cauliflower with lettuce, guacamole and beetroot tahini

Slow Cooked Pork Ribs 32

Cooked for 24 hours in our secret house blend of guava and chill sauce. Bursting with flavour; these super tender pork ribs fall off the bone! Served with our signature chipotle fries and pico de gallo

Quesadilla 18

Folded 12" tortilla, stuffed with your choice of protein, melting cheese, roasted capsicum and onion salsa topped with pico de gallo. Served with a side of salsa sauce

Salt & Pepper Prawns or Squid 18

Your choice of prawns or squid tossed in our house blend of spices, fried to crispy golden brown and served with delicious lime aioli



Trio of Salsas 14

Guacamole, pico de gallo and Mexican tomato salsa served with GF corn chips. Great for sharing

​Hot Wings 20

Our signature agave nectar chilli hot wings, topped with fried shallots, dill and mint

Chipotle Fries 9

Golden shoestring fries seasoned with our mildly spiced chipotle salt. Great for sharing

Empanada 12

Pulled beef brisket and Mexican black beans wrapped in a flaky pastry parcel. Served with chipotle aioli. 4 pieces

Coxhinas 12

Crumbed herby chicken and cheese croquettes served with chipotle aioli. 4 pieces



Churros 15

Crispy Spanish donuts covered in cinnamon sugar, served with decadent caramel and spiced rum chocolate

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